Gifting Has Never Been This Nifty, With GyFTR!

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So, it’s your mom’s birthday in two days, but you just don’t have the time to buy her that dress she’s been hinting at to you. Or your wedding anniversary is around the corner, but with work, you just can’t find the time to buy him that watch he’s had her eye on. Since when did gifting become so stressful?

Well, say goodbye to painful, hurried and last minute gifting with GyFTR (Vouchagram) – an online-to-offline and vice versa (O2O) e-commerce solution that facilitates peer-to-peer gifting across multiple geographies and product categories. The super user-friendly website facilitates seamless gifting by allowing shoppers to instantly buy gift vouchers digitally, which can be delivered to the recipient via SMS, e-mail or even physically. The vouchers can then be redeemed against any product/service of a set value from leading brands that include retail, food, apparel, footwear and other sectors – 130 approximately. The business has partnered with the country’s top six banks that include HDFC, AXIS, SBI, IndusInd, and ICICI.

The Genius Behind GyFTR

Mr. Arvind Prabhakar, CEO of the prestigious company, spent a suitable part of his career centred around loyalty. He would often come across the constant issues of ‘gratification and ‘loyalty’ which included bank lead points-based loyalty programs, employee benefits program (rewards and recognition) or any kind of channel or consumer incentive programs. In all of this, the one common and the most important thing was – gratification.

Gratification may be in the form of tangible benefits or non-tangible. Unfortunately, no solution existed to give instant gratification; hence we all sat back and decided what can be done to ensure instant gratification,”

And that’s the idea that led to the birth of GyFTR or as Arvind fondly likes to call it, Vouchagram – a high-tech enabled brand platform that can deliver happiness through amazing gifts instantly. Hence the tagline – ‘Happiness Delivered Instantly!’ And that’s what this fun and futuristic gifting company is all about. With the single point objective of ensuring that the thrill or feeling of receiving a gift/incentive should be like a gift in itself!

The Story Behind the Successful Strategist

“Well, it happened very naturally, not really planned,” says a humble Arvind. “Even when I used to work, if the need arose, I would not shy away from venturing into unknown territories.” And when the opportunity “present-ed” itself, Arvind realised that it may mean starting the company entirely independently, and went for it without batting an eye, with some help from a few old colleagues turned friends of course. Boldness and bravery at its best, might we add.

Great Things Come to Those Who Wait

And boy, did Arvind wait, and his patience paid off handsomely. “My dream of being an entrepreneur was, like stated, a by-product of me wanting to mould the way gifting in specific, and in general as an industry, was shaping up. But yes, the good thing that came as a by-product was being able to be your own boss!”, says Arvind self-assuredly, and rightly so.  

However, Arvind states that being his own boss did come with some drawbacks and difficulties. “It’s a different world altogether, right from planning to execution, and not a moment goes by when we are not thinking of doing something new and exciting that pushes us to conquer our challenges, may they be in the form of technology or money.” Arvind adds that unlike the quintessential “start-up culture”, his first filter was – ‘Does it make financial sense?’. Unless that box was ticked, Arvind and his team wouldn’t go forward, possibly the reason being that they have seen close to 100 % success in all their new incentives. He says that it is tough to pinpoint just one single significant challenge but ever since the last few years, Arvind and his hardworking, dedicated team have been working with the banking segment closely, and things have definitely been looking up and going fabulously well. In fact, Arvind proudly announces that he will be acquiring two new companies in the next six months. Guess the saying, “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success”, is the motto in the case of this dapper and daring entrepreneur.

The Backing Behind the Business

“Vouchagram would never have happened without the 100% support of my family and friends,” expresses Arvind from the bottom of his heart, when asked if his family was always supportive of his idea.

What’s in Store for the Gifting Guru?

Apart from Vouchagram, Arvind has been actively involved with two more exciting ventures. One with its focus entirely on the consumers and the second in the retail space.Says the experienced and enigmatic entrepreneur when asked what advice he had to give to other young and hungry entrepreneurs just like he once was, “While every successful idea/business is an outcome of wanting to do something different, as soon as your idea/business passes the reality check, chances are you will be a successful entrepreneur. Every success is a dream, but not all dreams lead to success.” Arvind keeps it bare, bold and brilliant when it comes to living out your entrepreneurial dreams.

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