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Where do you go to when you want a serene, productive space to work in but at the same time have some fun, let loose and enjoy the pleasures of working? Why, GoWork of course. Say hello to the world’s largest co-collaborative, co-working space sprawled over a whopping 8 lakh square feet with a capacity of 12,000 seats across its two offices in Gurugram.

The Gamut of GoWork

Apart from being the first-of-its-kind, technology-oriented, largest collaborative campus in the world, it is also an LEED Certified Platinum-rated Green Building Campus. Its interiors are aesthetically designed and decorated, keeping in mind mobility as well as efficiency. It also aims to meet the social and familial needs of its employees and also aims to provide a crèche facility soon to encourage female entrepreneurs. From dedicated 1000-seater collaborative work environs for quick and optimised teamwork to ‘meditation’ and ‘frustration’ zones for those office blues, GoWork ensures that it gives significant focus to the individuals as well as their work, while overall maintaining an amazing work/stress balance. Looking to shed some calories before heading back to your work desk? How about a round of basketball or badminton or build some muscle at their well-equipped gym? Get to where you need to be in minutes as GoWork has great metro connectivity to various points in the city including the International airport. Looking for a place to leave your beloved pet while you get your work mode on? GoWork is a pet-friendly campus that will pamper your precious pooch. Indulge your taste buds at the well-stocked food court that boasts a variety of delectable food outlets. Get your game on at the GoWork Gaming Zone or head for a relaxing massage at the spa. Need a place to clear your mind and get your thoughts in order? Head to the ‘breakout zones’ for better work productivity. Some other super cool and unique USPs at GoWork include GoSocial (an in-house all-day Café and Bar), GoLiving (an upcoming sleeping pod concept, first to be introduced in any co-working space in India), World Art Café, a premium floor and butler service for C-level employees. Yes, you heard that right!

The Cool and Creative Genius Behind GoWork

Mr. Sudeep Singh is the Chief Evangelist and CEO at GoWork. Technology, strategic business acumen and an undying entrepreneurial thirst for success – these three things are what constitute the intellectual and intelligent DNA of Sudeep Singh. Already the largest co-working ecosystem in the world, of which Sudeep is the proud visionary, its second unit is also the second largest, showing Sudeep’s passion for defeating his opponents by a big margin. By breaking the technological barriers of information, technology, and access to allied services and investment, while creating a fully-equipped and optimised business environment, Sudeep has given the growing Indian entrepreneurial movement a booster shot in the arm!

Sudeep did his schooling from the famous St. George’s College in Mussorie and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Sydenham College Mumbai. During his professional journey, he has worked with several prestigious organisations such as Kotak Mahindra and A1 Technology INC. He is also the Director of India and West Asia Chapter of Startup Grind, a global community that hosts monthly events across the globe to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. He also serves as the managing partner of BHM Ventures Pvt. Ltd., an organisation that specialises in acting as a bridge between established players and new start-ups to help significant brands stay ahead of the curve by discovering and partnering with breakthrough startups and their technologies.

Sudeep’s Inspiring Journey to Entrepreneurship

“Yes, I was always passionate about entrepreneurship and have been driven by a strong desire to initiate a start-up revolution in India”, says a daring and determined Sudeep when asked if the entrepreneurial bug was always in his blood. He clearly understood early on that this was possible only by empowering businesses through innovation and technology. A technologically-advanced co-working space has the power to catalyse collaboration and innovation, giving start-ups the means to succeed as a community, and employees the opportunity to realise their full potential without letting the stresses of high-pressured work get to them.

Sudeep says that the idea behind GoWork was based on the shared economy phenomenon that enables organisations to share intellectual and physical resources to achieve cumulative success.

My overarching goal with the establishment of GoWork was to enhance Indian start-ups through a fully equipped and optimised work environment that is conducive to productivity and growth but one which also makes work fun.”

When he is not discovering the latest gizmos and gadgets, Sudeep likes to do some globetrotting for the most advanced concepts that can fuel startups for their journeys ahead. He is also a lover of culturally diverse cuisines and a connoisseur of the most exotic single malts and spirits. An adventure buff, off-roading and jet skiing are his best bets to break away from the rigours of his strenuous schedules. Currently, he has his eyes set on the game of golf which is fast coming up as a ‘must do’ on his exhaustive bucket list.

The Challenges Faced and Successfully Overcome by Sudeep

A significant challenge that Sudeep faced while starting out was finding a co-founder for the company. It took a lot of time and effort to find someone who shared the same ideals and zeal as Sudeep did. More importantly, he wanted a partner who came from the start-up community and understood all the nuances that existed within the multifaceted landscape. Furthermore, the co-founder would have had to be someone who could oversee the hospitality aspect of co-working spaces, as Sudeep’s expertise lay primarily in the real estate arena. The search for the perfect founder was indeed a make or break situation for Sudeep and his prestigious company.

Balancing Work with Personal Life and Garnering Support

Once GoWork was up and running, Sudeep faced a major challenge on the work-life balance front. “It could have been a consistent bone of contention, hampering my work and personal relationships, but with time I was able to identify the line between professional and personal and managed to overcome the challenge,” as any great entrepreneur would do, with ease, and Sudeep did.

“My family has offered me constant support throughout my journey. They never doubted my vision or asked me to do something less risky”, says a grateful Sudeep. In fact, it was his father who was his greatest source of mentorship and a reliable sounding board that he could always fall back on for business advice. Furthermore, Sudeep’s mother was his constant emotional support system.

I could always open up to her about any emotional upheavals and would always end up feeling more confident of myself and my abilities after my conversations with her.”  

What’s in Store for The Super Talented Businessman?

“Currently, we are focusing all our energies into making GoWork the #1 co-working brand in India. Once GoWork becomes India’s top co-working space on every parameter, we would like to venture into foreign markets and establish hubs in other countries.”

Sudeep says that there is a lot of traction in South-East Asia for co-working spaces and we see lots of opportunities there.

“When optimum growth is achieved on all fronts, I would like to travel all around the world and have new experiences. Beyond that, I would also like to start a new venture that gives me an opportunity to invest all the newfound knowledge I have accumulated over the years and will continue to garner.”

Looks like there’s no stopping this gallant giant of an entrepreneur.

GoWork’s efficient services have allowed businesses to maximise productivity while increasing operational efficiency, collaborations and impromptu networking sessions for collaborative development and reduction of capital expenditure of 10-15% by companies. Furthermore, its frequent start-up mentoring events and sessions in the campus with global business thought leaders and mentors allow the entrepreneurs and various other stakeholders to truly develop a global perspective while retaining a uniquely Indian style of working, a rare combination that is the need of the hour for Indian start-ups to rule the global business ecosphere.

When asked to share some priceless words of wisdom to other young, hungry and gritty entrepreneurs, Sudeep says with a sense of affirmative determination, “To people just starting out or planning to start out, I’d like to say that entrepreneurs do not fail, businesses do. If the first idea does not work out, the next one definitely will. It’s important to follow the 3 Ps-Patience, Persistence and Perseverance, to achieve success on any front.”

Finally, Sudeep reiterates that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to a fruitful entrepreneurial journey. With this mighty-bold and motivating story, have you got your work game on yet? Because we certainly do!

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