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Invest The Smart Way, The Only Way, With Savart

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While most 14-year-old boys are busy reading their favourite superhero comics or trying to come up with excuses for not getting their homework done, Sankarsh Chanda was busy convincing his sister to let him use her demat account. Yup, you heard that right! Say hello to this, now, 19-year-old stock market wizard, who is the creator and founder of his very own Fintech/investment firm, Savart.

Ever since he was a little boy, Sankarsh loved to read. An article on ‘Value Investing’ by Benjamin Graham, also nicknamed the father behind his brilliant idea, was what sparked his interest in stocks. The author advocated picking stocks trading for less than their intrinsic value as they offered a profit opportunity. The Hyderabad-hailing lad was immediately hooked on to the idea, and from then on there was no going back.

The Youngest Wolf of Wall Street

During Sankarsh’s pre-startup market research, he came across the opportunities and challenges of the financial market in India. A lot of people needed help with investing, and even more in planning and achieving their financial goals. However, there were several things hindering people from seeking professional support.

During this period, Sankarsh’s voracious reading also led him to study and understand the balance sheets of various companies at the growth stage. He learned and grew, and even invested in the stocks of Chinese and American companies. By the age of 16, Sankarsh was freelancing and drawing up investment strategies for individual clients.

Having been involved in investing and financial markets since my teens, it was something that I really wanted to do. Entrepreneurship was something that grew out of my passion for investing and not something that I was inclined to before.”

The Gambit Of Savart

Savart is the only investment ‘network’ with a website, an Android app, an iOS app with the latest consumer-friendly features like Emotional Financial General (EFG) analysis, Round Up feature and Automated Investment Machine. Investors can start with as little as Rs.1 and invest into mutual funds and stocks easily and quickly. The name ‘Savart’ is derived from the phrase – “The ‘art’ of ‘sav’ing.”

The high-tech team at Savart makes sure that your investment is based on your needs, financial goals and emotions. Buying, selling, research, change in portfolios can all automatically be done by savart as well as manually by yourself. Their motto? ‘We stand for financial inclusion for all!’

No stock markets – bullish or bearish – were going to stand in the way of this child entrepreneur

“There are challenges at every step of building an organisation, or anything for that matter”, says the teenage trailblazer. Raising the first set of funds and consequently turning the paper dream into a reality was the most challenging moment for Sankarsh. His family was always completely supportive and encouraging of his stock market mania. They were initially however quite confused about the fact that Sankarsh had given up on academics (something which he had supposedly loved earlier) and was suddenly doing something on his own. But eventually, they just wanted him to do what he loved. At only 17, Sankarsh published his first book – Financial Nirvana in 2016.

Currently, Sankarsh’s complete focus is on broadening the reach of Savart. He has at least a dozen new things that he wants to do with his company, which includes adding new products, entering new markets and innovating.

And this genius is nothing if not generous too. Sankarsh expresses that he has put all of his near and dear ones to work at Savart in some or the other. Savart has tempted some of his friends out of college, a few people out of their retirement to get back to work again and a few others to even change their career plans. “This is always amusing to think of, for me, because it shows their strong belief in what we are doing.”

To conclude, Sankarsh, the stock market guru leaves us with simple yet super smart words of advice to other bold and budding entrepreneurs just like a young and hungry Sankarsh once was – “Do something that you love doing so much, that you never get bored of it.” Even if it means dabbling in lakhs and crores worth of stocks when you’re still under the legal drinking age limit! But we think Sankarsh prefers the former. After all, who would want to trade with the prices of alcohol at a make-believe bar stock exchange when he can trade with the stocks of some of the biggest companies in the world on a real stock exchange!

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