‘Kabooki’ Gives a New Makeover to Makeup Artistry

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Ever since she was a little girl, Sringa Syam was passionate about drawing and painting…oh and of course, like any little girl, putting on makeup! In her case, they kind of went hand in hand. Thanks to her great artistry skills, even as a child, Sringa didn’t find it difficult to blend eyeshadows or to wing eyeliner. As she grew older, she knew she wanted to pursue a creative career; something of her own. Now, with the human face and body as her canvas and her makeup tools and kit as her paint pallete, Sringa, with her undeniable, raw talent and creative imagination, transforms the ordinary human face into, well, just about anything beautiful!

After high school, Sringa finished her graduation and masters and then went on to work as a HR professional for a few years. She then reached a crossroad in her life where the time had come to make her career choice.

I had absolutely no time for my passion after that. That’s when I knew I had to make a choice between art and a 9-5 job. I chose the former.”

Challenges Faced by The Makeup Mogul

Born and raised in Coimbatore, Sringa settled in Chennai after her marriage. She steadily earned her set of clientele through social media in just two years. Like many, Sringa also started with bridal makeup and specialised in eye designs.

“I started body painting for Halloween 2017 that gave a good welcome among my followers. Soon after that, in addition to my bridal jobs, I also began to practice body art. I really want Chennai’s creative makeup bars to be set high and would love to see more artists come up to try such things.”

Sringa braved past many challenges during her cosmetic course. Firstly, she couldn’t afford to quit her job because her salary made a huge difference to her family. In the bargain, she would feel like her dreams were getting farther and farther away from her reach and would break down many a time. Not being able to fund her passion for makeup or make time for it was slowly killing the light that shone bright inside of her. Another challenge that really stood out for Sringa was the fear of not getting enough bookings to compensate for the income that she made from her HR job.

I am the first person to pursue an off-beat career in my family. And this happened a year after my marriage!”

Although Sringa’s salary mattered to her family, it was her husband who encouraged her to follow her dreams. For the rest of the family, it took a while for them to start sharing with relatives that Sringa was a “makeup artist”.

“I feel blessed that my husband/family have never complained when I had to leave home for a late night bridal, or for travelling outside the city/country for projects.”

What’s Next for The Makeup Magician?   

Makeup, as a field, is booming now. In India, especially, many artists are entering the market every day. Progress is a continuous process. For Sringa, every face and body is an opportunity for her to fabricate and create her own stunning designs that stem from her wild and vibrant imagination.

“My goal is to keep trying new things. That’s my mantra, to be creatively satisfied and to stay ahead of the game. I am looking forward to a lot more international weddings this year and improving my overall quality of work.”

Her Instagram page kabooki_mua currently has 11,100 followers. She even has her very own website www.kabookimua.com that boasts a wide array of her beautiful work. Her talent even earned her two trips abroad to the land of Sri Lanka where she had the opportunity to work her magic on two lucky brides on the most special days of their lives. Sringa says that this experience is something that she holds very close to her heart.

Despite her super busy schedules, Sringa makes sure that she invests enough time coming up with a new lines of creativity. She also has her very own YouTube channel and enjoys conducting makeup workshops to share her talent with other makeup enthusiasts. She currently has a few workshops in store for the upcoming year.

Sringa shares some bold and beautiful words of wisdom to give others the courage to listen to their hearts and follow their calling, just like she did –

“When it comes to passion vs. job, it’s that one moment of decision making that’s hard. After that decision is made, you’ll instantly take up the responsibility to make your dreams happen. Never ever listen to anyone who tells you, you can’t do something. Identify your forte and work hard towards turning it into a success.”

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