This Bodybuilder Is Boldly Breaking Down Quintessential Career Barriers

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Ever since he was a little boy, Naren Mathimaran had an innate liking for fitness, staying healthy and building some muscle. His love for fitness quickly grew into his passion, solidifying his decision regarding his career choice in health and fitness.

“My dad was a cop, a bodybuilder and my greatest inspiration. I literally grew up watching him, and there started my liking for fitness and the discipline that comes with it.”

Many a time, people used to approach Naren asking him questions related to fitness and body transformation. A few even shared their stories of how they gave up after not being able to achieve their fitness goals. This inspired Naren to start teaching these people the a, b, c’s of fitness and exercise. And in the process, Naren realised how happy it made him, helping these people achieve their fitness goals – one lunge, kick, crunch and squat at a time!

Naren had to brave past many challenges in order to achieve his fitness goals. Living alone in a rented apartment and managing his expenses was one such challenge. His only source of income was his 9 to 5 job. After quitting his regular job, the initial few months were tough. There were many times when he would hardly have any money to pay his rent or even buy food for himself. He even had to skip a few meals a day for the first few months just to cope with his everyday expenses. These testing times would make Naren rethink if he had actually made a mistake quitting his IT job to pursue his love for fitness.

I was frequently told by the common tongue that I can never accomplish anything by following my passion just because I started late. These criticisms only fuelled me to move forward with indomitable grit.”

Naren’s family and friends were always supportive of his bold career choice since the very beginning, not letting anything stand in the way of achieving his fitness dreams.

“I’m blessed with amazing parents who have always been supportive of what I do, an understanding girlfriend who has helped me on many occasions, and a good set of friends who kept motivating me to do what I’m doing now. Because of these people, I never regretted what I did and kept moving forward.”

Naren has a few fitness ideas in the pipeline and is looking to grow his fitness levels to an all new domain.

“If everything goes well, you can frequently hear my name when fitness is mentioned”, says a cool and confident Naren.

The fitness guru leaves us with a few bold and brawny words of advice to other budding entrepreneurs looking to build their careers, and maybe some muscle of their own… 

It’s never too late to pursue your passion. Hustle hard towards your passion and the rest will follow you.”

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