Momspresso Is Moving Mountains for Womankind Everywhere

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Pioneer and visionary Vishal Gupta always knew he wanted to do something more than just the ordinary. Even during his education and early career, his genius mind would constantly sprout various business ideas, from online tea auctions to the aggregation of financial products. However, it was not until the concept of ‘MyCity4Kids’ sprouted that he finally found the conviction and drive to turn his talented thoughts into actions. And that’s when Momspresso was born.

Say hello to India’s largest user-generated regional content platform for women, mommies and fierce females everywhere. Momspresso supports a woman in her own personal journey. It brings expert advice, shared experiences, inspirational personalities, useful tips and funny moments through blogs, videos, interactive live chats and the much-loved ‘bloggers’ meets’.

Being a mother and raising a child has its own challenges. In this age of nuclear families, where would mothers turn to for some guidance on childcare, and share experiences which could benefit other moms out there? This is the thought that provoked Vishal, and his co-founders Prashant and Asif to build a dedicated community for Moms’ by moms – Momspresso.

A powerful platform to empower mothers through the expression of thoughts, helping rediscover their identity, Momspresso provides answers to moms on all their parenting queries, while also acting as a catalyst for self-discovery and as an engine for them to reinvent their own identities along the way. It has been created on a simple premise – that moms trust other moms and find strength in each other’s stories and experiences. The platform acts mostly like a blogspace where mothers can post experiences and tips for others. It also allows mothers to ask questions and seek answers to their queries. Momspresso is a multilingual content platform that caters to the multifaceted mums of today, provides an opportunity to these mums to write their own stories, thereby being financially independent.

The Visionary Behind Momspresso

With a diverse experience of over 17 years in verticals such as FMCG, Financial Services, and Consumer Internet, Vishal’s expertise in sales and marketing, and in the creation of innovative and market-leading business propositions, has been invaluable to the success of Momspresso.

With a B. Com and MBA from the prestigious IIM, Bangalore, under his belt, Vishal spearheads each aspect of the platform’s growth with specific focus on product development, delivering financial and consumer KPIs, building and retaining a high performance team, and managing the financial stakeholders. Vishal and his co-founder Prashant worked together for 4 years, and they met the third founder Asif through mutual friends.

The idea came up as my co-founders and I witnessed the lives and hardships of our own spouses. We knew, then, that we had to create a platform where women could express themselves and be heard.”

A consistent high-performer in the domains of sales and marketing, Vishal is well-known in the industry for his natural flair at leading cross-functional and global teams on business-critical projects. His ability to take thoughtful decisions and execute them with ease and speed has enabled him and his team to quickly scale up Momspresso in terms of reach, content, and brand partnerships. Under Vishal’s leadership, Momspresso has cemented its stance as the seamless, cross-platform window of expression, self-discovery, and recognition to hundreds of moms in the country.

When he’s not cooking up brilliant, life-changing ideas, Vishal is a sports lover and is especially fond of playing tennis. He also likes to spend his free time reading inspirational autobiographies.

The Challenges Faced and Overcome by The Three Talented Businessmen

There are so many challenges that any entrepreneur faces at every step of his journey. Challenges and risks are an inherent part of the roller coaster ride that is entrepreneurship. However, for Vishal and his fellow co-founders, the fact that their work was impacting the lives of so many people, and more importantly, their own wives, was the ultimate driving factor that made their journey worth all its hardships.

With Momspresso, we are touching the lives of the 20 million mums that visit our website every month. That alone is enough impetus to keep us treading steadily down this path,” says a bold and steadfast Vishal.

A huge challenge was shifting the company’s entire emphasis towards their mobile app. An app, of course, is a device of choice and it was hard for Vishal to predict if moms would be willing to shift to the new medium. Today, 75% of the blogs are consumed through the mobile app.

Every Brave Entrepreneur Needs a Solid Backing

Initially, Vishal’s idea was met with a lot of skepticism from his family. Given that he was foregoing a very comfortable, stable CXO level position, Vishal’s loved ones were a bit paranoid at the sudden outset of his entrepreneurial journey. However, witnessing his passion and conviction over time, they became his biggest supporters and his greatest strength as well.

“I am grateful to them for their constant support without which it would have been impossible to carry out this journey so impeccably.”

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