Meet This Multi-Talented Female Powerhouse Who Believes That One Career Just Isn’t Enough!

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Mrudula Murali is a woman of many talents. Her passion for acting and her love for jewellery making has moulded her into the power woman that she is today. From designing jewellery to showcasing her skills on the silver screen, Mrudula has believed that following one’s passion in life is the key to being successful, and more importantly, happy.

When asked if she was always inclined towards acting, she says, with a childlike enthusiasm that is evident – “YES! I have always been inclined towards the art. Ever since I could remember, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to become, I always said an actor.”

The Making of a Movie Star

Mrudula loved enacting scenes from movies she would watch, deck herself up in clothes and makeup, and walk around the house pretending she was the lead actress. She is thankful that her innate desire to become an actor never changed even after she grew up.

Her jewellery making business started overnight. Mrudula was not shooting for a few months and didn’t have any signed up projects in store. She had just finished her masters in Broadcast Communication but didn’t want to pursue that field. She wanted to do something that excited her, just like acting. And that’s how her jewellery making business ‘Pure Allure’ came to life. Pure Allure is a luxury jewellery brand that custom-makes jewellery for gem-loving clients.

Mrudula had a friend who had a manufacturing unit in Jaipur and she spoke to her regarding her idea. Her friend was more than supportive in making Mrudula’s dreams come true. Together, they decided on a name overnight and started an Instagram page too. That’s how Mrudula raised a toast to new and shiny beginnings, and it never stopped from there.

Her Early Acting Years

I acted in my first film quite early, in my teens. Becoming an actor is tough but to maintain being an actor and doing good projects is definitely the tougher part.”

Mrudula has also been learning classical dance from the age of 3. She took part in a number of state youth festivals and won laurels for 3 consecutive years. That’s how she was chosen to be a child host in one of the then top rated TV channels. Her brother co-hosted the show with her and this got him into films as a child artist. Mrudula fondly states that people still remember her from that TV show when she was just around 13 years of age, a time when her gruelling board exams kept her busy. She went on to do two Tamil films at just the age of 16/17, however both weren’t released. Once she finished her 12th grade, she was offered a role in the film ‘Red Chillies’.

“I have always wanted to be an actor and the offer to act with the great Mohanlal sir under the direction of Shaji Kailas Sir seemed like the most exciting part to a 17-year-old girl.” And Mrudula finished the film with flying colours. She then went on to do two more Malayalam films as well as a Tamil film. By then she had also completed her UG and PG too. That’s when I was offered the role of Isha in ‘Ayal Njan Alla’ with Fahad Fazil. This was her major release in the Malayalam film industry. Then came her most cherished experience in her acting career – RaagDesh from Tigmanshu Dhulia Films offered her the role of Lakshmi Sehgal. She also did a couple of more Tamil films.

Always by Her Side

My family has been my biggest support. They have always let me take my own decisions. They never forced me to do anything that they wanted me to be. The only thing they were particular about was to not drop my studies. And I did complete my Masters. I am so thankful they made me do that. And they are very supportive of my career decisions.”

“I live for today and never plan for tomorrow”, says a bold and driven Mrudula. “I don’t plan where I want to be in another 5 or 10 years. I don’t even plan where I want to be by the end of this year or month in fact. I take life as it comes and I enjoy every bit of it.”

What’s to Come for The Super Talented Superstar

When asked what’s her next step with regards to her jewellery making business Pure Allure, Mrudula confesses that she is still not entirely sure where she wants to take the company to.  As of now, she’s just glad that its doing well and hopes that someday she might be able to open a flagship store.

As far as acting goes, Mrudula has one Tamil film and one Telugu film up for release.

When asked what was her most memorable moment in her career till date, Mrudula says that acting wise, the experience of doing Raagdesh was by far her most cherished career moment. “Right from being chosen to audition to signing up for the project to promoting the film – all this happened unexpectedly and is very close to my heart.”

Mrudula, although dislikes giving advice to others, shares with us a few words of wisdom that she hopes others will use to pursue their passions in life, just like she did – “All I can say is that everyone’s journey is different and you should learn to enjoy the process while dreaming about what you want.”

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