Recently, a Mumbai based man was punched in a movie theater for not standing up during the National Anthem.

The asinine decision by the Supreme Court to play the National Anthem before any film in theaters across the country has bred a bunch of intolerant, deluded and self-proclaimed patriots that take the law into their own hands.

The delusional concept of patriotism is irrational and harmful and below mentioned are 5 actions that patriots should actually take, in order to improve the country.

1) Corruption :

Although beating up someone for not standing up during the national anthem would increase the standard of living of the country overnight, we have a slight intuitive feeling that attacking and criminalizing corrupt politicians, judges, police officials and businessmen would do a much better job.

2) Lewd political remarks :

Some remarks made by our politicians with regards to rape and female empowerment in general is a sign that the country in run by uneducated and regressive minds. Patriots need to attack these goons to help better the nation.

3) Immoral Activists :

Activists that ban ridiculous things like Valentine’s Day, beef, pornography, etc, need to be attacked in order to get into an upward spiral in terms of making India a better place to live in.

4) Religious limitations :

Religion and caste discrimination play a vital role in the regression process of the country. From restricting marriages of certain castes, tax evasion, child molestation, demeaning women, dowry, child marriage, etc, religion is of the major reasons that society, in general, is not progressing. Let the patriots fight fire with fire and stone these religious institutions that indulge in these disgraceful acts.

5) Anti-scientific dogma :

Science is the only true route to progression, and all the un-scientific beliefs like polluting precious water bodies in the name of religion, astrology, new-age medicine proven to be ineffective, etc, are just barriers to building a robust progressive society. If patriots want to improve the country, the anti-scientific dogma we are bombarded with, here in India, have to be fought against.

Patriotism is just a delusional act as we do not choose to be born in a certain country. It’s a genetic mistake that human beings want to love and embrace in order to feel united and in touch with one another. The truth is that patriotism is harmful in many ways that sometimes revokes to the public, basic human rights and is the cause of certain wars.
If you still believe in patriotism, at-least direct the passion towards a worthy cause that’ll actually help in the progress of the nation and not towards a meaningless and redundant cause like standing up during the national anthem, because, firstly, it’s a personal choice to decide whether or not one wants to respect the nation, and secondly, it promotes violence and breeds hatred.

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