Miley Cyrus had posted pictures on instagram recently of her performing “Lakshmi Puja” in her Malibu home. So, we imagined the 5 pujas of our favorite celebrities would have to perform to help better their lives:

1) Shiva Puja :

Shiva puja is usually performed to eradicate unwanted aspects of human emotions such as anger, irritation, annoyance, frustration, etc, from a particular person. And out of all the angry celebrities out there, we would like to nominate, the infamous, angry, creator of Roadies, Raghu Ram for this puja.

2) Saraswati Puja :

Saraswati is the goddess of education and knowledge. It is a festival celebrated by the youth, particularly students who invoke the blessings of the goddess for increased knowledge and success in learning. After her lack of GK on “Koffee with Karan”, we think that Alia Bhatt needs the puja more than anyone.

3) Kali Puja :

This puja is a deep incantation to the frightening goddess, the Mother Kali. The chief idea of the puja is to seek the help of the Goddess to devastate “evil”, in all its form. After the numerous allegations about misbranding, misrepresentation and fungi being infused in certain products, we would like Patanjali and all of their staff to take part in this puja to eradicate all evil and turn over a new ayurvedic leaf.

4) Satyanarayan Puja :

This puja is usually performed on any auspicious occasion, like after a wedding in the family or moving into a new house. The purpose of this puja is to take a vow to be honest and truthful in all the endeavors one pursues. After evading tax, not paying his employees, money laundering and absconding from the country, we would like Vijay Mallya to take up this vow.

5) Shivratri Puja :

The main belief of celebrating Shivratri is that by pleasing the Lord Shiva on the propitious Shivratri night, a believer is pardoned of past sins and is blessed with Moksha (settle in heavens after death) or salvation. After the accolades of murder, shooting an innocent, endangered animal, and reckless driving causing injury, Salman Khan better spend some money on the puja to hit the pavements of heaven.

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