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Ammar Abdulhamid – When Chaos Reigns, A Careful Syrian Mind Speaks

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Imagine you’re living in your utopian world, surrounded by art and literature, an elite and good life, but, reality of such a life was anything but right and real, instead it was a crippling state of affairs, quite literally. Ammar Abdulhamid was living such a life when he returned from his studies in the USA…


Sriram Kuchimanchi - Social Entrepreneur

Sriram Kuchimanchi – The Entrepreneur who decided to quit his job and work for Mother Nature

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Sriram is an accidental entrepreneur. Smarter Dharma is a social enterprise founded by Sriram. The philosophy of his organization is to create a sustainable future, which will result in holistic societal development that will lead towards a sustainable planet. “Businesses and individuals are not being smart enough about their decisions. Thus, it is important to educate…


Mark Leonel John

Mark Lionel John – Making learning interesting – teach for change

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Mark was always inclined towards creative teaching. Mr. Hart, Mark’s Physics teacher from school instilled a creative and fascinating method of learning for his students. He couldn’t start teaching right out of college because he didn’t have enough real-world experience. After working in big corporate firms such and Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton, Mark…


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