Effective today, Feb 1st 2017, the new ATM withdrawal limit has increased to 24k per week, without having a cut-off on the daily limit. Here’s how we think Indians are going to react to the new rule.

1) The Rich

This is oppressive bullshit. If India is a free country like advertised, I should be able to withdraw any amount I desire, just so I can generate black money that the government partially took away from me.

2) The Poor

Finally they’ve increased the daily limit. Now I don’t have to buy a phone worth Rs 10,000, pay for internet I don’t need, try and use Pay tm that I don’t know how to, in order to buy vegetables worth Rs. 50.

3) The middle class

Now that all the black money is eradicated from the market, and Modi has increased the limit to 24k a day, I don’t have to pull out my debit card, or even worse, pay 13% interest on my credit card for a beer and peanut masala worth Rs.200.

4) Modi Haters

This is just a publicity stunt because all his implementations, including the demonetization, flopped. And, now that he knows it’s flopped, he’s slowly bringing the system back to the norm by increasing the limits steadily. Just because he has enough money under his mattress, he lets his people suffer.

5) Modi Bakths

Such a genius implementation to eradicate black money in the market. I would even give away my life savings in order to fight corruption and get rid of black money forever.

6) BJP

Can’t believe we pulled this one off, even if we just scraped through. Let’s enjoy all the black money we accumulated throughout the fiasco and enjoy praises for our “good work” at the same time.

7) Congress

These BJP clowns have robbed us of our riches. How can we contest in elections against them? Let’s go to Arnab’s show and reveal the true motives of the BJP.

8) Pay Tm shareholders

This is such a bad move for the economy. Cashless transactions will make us a corruption free nation. Not to mention that our share prices will head south.

9) Rahul Gandhi

Finally I can throw away my torn kurtha and afford a decent one from Myntra.

10) Arvind Kejriwal

I need proof that the demonetization actually happened.

11) Modi

What’s the next plan of action, Mr. Ambani?

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