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Bringing A Bit of Home To You, Wherever You Are, With SaleBhai

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  • Vishwavijay-Singh-Co-Founder-Salebhai1.jpg?fit=855%2C428&ssl=1
    Vishwavijay Singh, Co-Founder, Salebhai
  • Pramod-Rao-Co-founder-SaleBhai1.jpg?fit=855%2C428&ssl=1
    Pramod Rao, Co-founder, SaleBhai
  • Purba-Kalita-Co-founder-SaleBhai1.jpg?fit=855%2C428&ssl=1
    Purba Kalita, Co-founder, SaleBhai

Where do you go when you’re thousands of miles away from home but are aching for some of that homemade goodness? Why, SaleBhai, of course! SaleBhai is an Indian e-commerce portal that enables people living away from home to order a range of specialties directly from their hometowns. It is a one-stop solution for those…


Providing Exquisite Meals, Shutting Down Sexism, And Building An Empire Of Her Own

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Aysha Sanam

Quitting her corporate job at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC),  Aysha  Sanam  worked hard to find her startup. Founded about a year and a half ago, she started Treatcard along with her brother, Ahmed Sagar, a designer/copywriter Shehjah Salam based in London who helped her shape the brand from the beginning, and her newest partner, Naseeha Machingal, who recently…


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