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This Inspiring Woman Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Cooking, And More Importantly, Courage

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“Fiction is always loosely based on facts. I knew that I had a story in me and writing ‘Foursome’ made that vision into a reality. Lots of things in the book actually happened and then I added my own spices to make it reader-friendly.” Meet this bold, brave and beautiful home chef who has a…


This Entrepreneur Recognises Education as His First Priority

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Meet Amol Arora, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Shemford Group of Futuristic Schools. He is the man responsible for having mapped its extraordinary growth since its foundation. With over 100 branches across 18 states, the Shemford Group of Schools has been felicitated for falling in the category of ‘Most Schools Launched in the Shortest Time by the…


Meet This Multi-Talented Female Powerhouse Who Believes That One Career Just Isn’t Enough!

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Mrudula Murali is a woman of many talents. Her passion for acting and her love for jewellery making has moulded her into the power woman that she is today. From designing jewellery to showcasing her skills on the silver screen, Mrudula has believed that following one’s passion in life is the key to being successful,…


The BBC Film Maker And Expeditionist Who Scales Volcanoes And Swims With Sharks

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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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Mission: Adventure. Location: Nature. Purpose: Freedom. Fearless and loving life, is the definition of Belinda Kirk. She has worked as a diver, is an expedition leader, and a BBC film maker (making adventure and wildlife films). Belinda has been organising treks and trips across the length and breadth of the UK, and as far afield as the…


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