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This Inspiring Woman Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Cooking, And More Importantly, Courage

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“Fiction is always loosely based on facts. I knew that I had a story in me and writing ‘Foursome’ made that vision into a reality. Lots of things in the book actually happened and then I added my own spices to make it reader-friendly.” Meet this bold, brave and beautiful home chef who has a…


Strong is the Heart that thumps with Hope – Rishabh Puri – Author who conquers life with every word.

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    Rishabh Puri
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Keep a light heart, there is always hope in it. Rishabh Puri is one such man who lives Inside the Heart of Hope. Literally and otherwise.  He is the author of the book that has gained much favour in many bookstores among avid readers. A man for an elixir of life. A man of multiple…


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