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The Match-Making App That Every Entrepreneur And Business Person Must Have

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Rahul Maheshwari and Tarun Lala

We have all heard about match-making apps. But here is one app to match your itineraries with that of your fellow travellers: LEVO, the networking lounge and ecosystem for every working individual who knows that networking pays off. As a frequent flyer, the drudgery of waiting at the airport would make me want to observe…


Go big or go home – Aditi and Shruti Sarin went big enough to break out of the mould and be extraordinary

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Aditi and Shruti Sarin

Born to defy stereotypes, break glass ceilings and do amazing things – the sister duo Aditi Sarin and Shruti Sarin are forces to be reckoned with. Proving others wrong was just the starting point; they have shown the world what tremendous grit and single-minded focus they possess. The kind that makes you clench your teeth…


The Asian Championship medalist, Sonali Swami proves time and again that if you can, you will

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All those ‘Yo, Mamma’ jokes just don’t apply to this strong-willed woman. Sonali Swami is a fitness extraordinaire, an Asian Championship medallist and most remarkably a mother of two. Sonali’s extraordinary journey into fitness began when she was 38 after having trouble shedding the baby weight she had put on after her second child. Sonali…


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