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Making Every Woman’s Favourite Thing More Wonderful With MYO

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    Milly Ghumman_MYO

Since the beginning of time, jewellery has always been an innate part of a woman, an extended part of her body, her mind, and her soul. And as time went by, it didn’t become something that had to be adorned only on special occasions but became a part of a woman’s everyday life. A necessity…


Accessories From Ishma Give Bling A New Boost

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Vandyaa Lakkaraju and Rekha Mutyala

They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and it’s a no-brainer why! A 1-carat solitaire sitting regally on a woman’s dainty finger, shining bright, sparkling white, crystal-clear, the perfect cut, only to make her feel even greater about herself, a little bling to brighten up her day even. On that note, we ‘bling’ to…


Design Your Home Your Way with Zwende

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    Zwende Founders - Sujay Suresh and Innu Nevatia

Designing and decorating your dream home isn’t always easy. “What colour should the walls be and what if I don’t like the colour after its already painted on?”. “What if I don’t find the kind of lampshades I’m looking for?” or “What if she doesn’t like the accessorized wallet I bought her?”. The answer to…


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