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This Inspiring Woman Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Cooking, And More Importantly, Courage

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“Fiction is always loosely based on facts. I knew that I had a story in me and writing ‘Foursome’ made that vision into a reality. Lots of things in the book actually happened and then I added my own spices to make it reader-friendly.” Meet this bold, brave and beautiful home chef who has a…


The Adversities In Her Life Resurrected Her Passion Of Being An Artist

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  • Yasodhara-Arawwawela-1-800.jpg?fit=800%2C400&ssl=1
    Yasodhara Pathanjali
  • Yasodhara-Arawwawela-3-800.jpg?fit=800%2C400&ssl=1
    Yasodhara Pathanjali

Yasodhara Pathanjali has been inclined towards painting since she could remember. It’s surprising to her that she had a better sense of who she really was at the age of five than she did in her 20s, when she wasn’t still a fully fledged artist. Moving from the sidelines to the field of painting came…


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