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How Tushar Rishi broke the shackles of cancer to inspire people

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    Tushar Rishi

Tushar Rishi began his inspirational journey when he decided to overcome his cancer by channelling his experiences through a creative outlet into his book, The Patient Patient. During his chemotherapy sessions, he would return home from the hospital and write about everything he felt and saw on that day. Seven or eight months into his…


How To Successfully Start And Run A Business In A Niche Market

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Indranil Choudhury and Siddharth Singh

After noticing a niche that hadn’t been explored in the regulatory compliance space in terms of third party support, entrepreneurs, Indranil Choudhury and Siddharth Singh wanted to make the most of this discovery. Therefore, in 2007, they along with two other founders founded ‘Lexplosion Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’; a company that simplifies complex legal issues and…


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