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Providing Quality Health Care; Bringing Hospices to Homes with Care24

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    Garima Tripathi

In a so called “developing” nation like India, the quality of healthcare provided to the middle class and poor is still in –  sadly – a deplorable state. We are all aware of the shocking statistics. But IIT and Harvard graduate Garima Tripathi wanted to change all that in a big way with her healthcare…


Meet The Doctor Who Plans To Heal The Broken Health-Care System

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Dr. Renee Dua

‘Necessity is the mother of inventions’, a common phrase, but only those who have truly experienced a need; a necessity or perhaps suffered for it can build something that has an exponential growth. In this case, Dr. Renee Dua, a practicing doctor in nephrology (kidney related issues), internal medicine and hypertension, had a shocking and…


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