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The Start-Up That Helps You Begin Your Life Just The Way You Both Want

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Shiv Dhanya

The most cherished moments of our lives require preparation, and The Knottt helps many of us celebrate such special moments with their immaculate planning. When Shiv Dhanya was approached by a friend to help assist in planning a Sangeet ceremony, she never imagined it would eventually lead to starting her own event company: The Knottt.…


The BBC Film Maker And Expeditionist Who Scales Volcanoes And Swims With Sharks

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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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    Belinda Kirk
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Mission: Adventure. Location: Nature. Purpose: Freedom. Fearless and loving life, is the definition of Belinda Kirk. She has worked as a diver, is an expedition leader, and a BBC film maker (making adventure and wildlife films). Belinda has been organising treks and trips across the length and breadth of the UK, and as far afield as the…


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