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A Wildlife Enthusiast; A Nature Conservationist; A Cartoonist – Green Humour Puts a Fun Twist On Saving the World

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    Rohan Chakravarty

We hear all about the importance of protecting wildlife that’s going extinct or conserving the depleting environment on the news, on the radio and everywhere else; but is anyone really taking it seriously? Well, maybe they would if a little fun and humor were added to the seriousness of wildlife, environment and nature conservation. And…


Bob Daalder: What is Felt, Is Seen

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Bob Daalder

Enamoured by nature’s tiny details, Bob Daalder, specialises in macro photography. Though the subjects of his photographs are tiny, the complete picture tells a big and magical story. Bob was never particularly inclined towards photography, and like most he would photograph to capture human moments. But, a long weekend and moment in Maastricht, Netherlands, a…


Sriram Kuchimanchi – The Entrepreneur who decided to quit his job and work for Mother Nature

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Sriram Kuchimanchi - Social Entrepreneur

Sriram is an accidental entrepreneur. Smarter Dharma is a social enterprise founded by Sriram. The philosophy of his organization is to create a sustainable future, which will result in holistic societal development that will lead towards a sustainable planet. “Businesses and individuals are not being smart enough about their decisions. Thus, it is important to educate…


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