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From Teenage Author To Global Speaker, Tanzila Khan Is Here To Change Your Life

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Tanzila Khan

This girl on wheels makes everyone on foot think twice about what they are doing with their lives. Inspiring people all over the world with the two novelettes she authored, ‘A Story of Mexico’ and ‘The Perfect Situation’, Tanzila Khan is also an entrepreneur from Pakistan. She has inspired people to believe that one can…


The Author and Life-Coach Who Will Make You Rediscover The Word “Seduction”

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    Chen Lizra
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    Chen Lizra
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    Chen Lizra
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    Chen Lizra

‘Get a grip girl, you have a long and happy life ahead,’ is perhaps one of the many thoughts that came to the mind of writer, dancer, public speaker, and life-coach Chen Lizra while she took control of the wheels of her life. This exceptional writer fought hard against all her dark thoughts, and emerged…


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