Jacqueline Fernandez was on Koffee with Karan along with Siddharth Malhotra recently and we think that “life” was not the only thing she was high on.

Below are ten instances that prove that Jacqueline Fernandez was stoned on Koffee with Karan

1) Uncontrollable LOLs

If any of you watched the show, it’d be evident that Jacqueline Fernandez was suffering with the giggle syndrome. Oddly enough, this perpetuated fit of giggles lasted throughout the show, and something even more odd was that she continued to laugh virtually uncontrollably even when she mentioned Sonam Kapoor‘s ailing pet dog.

One could argue that it may be in her nature to laugh all the time, but, what has the ability to help you find humor in the darkest of situations? I’ll tell you right now that it’s not the coffee that she had with Karan. More like “High Tea”.  

2) Touchy Touchy

Good Marijuana with a decent amount of THC can cause uncontrollable muscle movements when it gets into a part of your brain called the Basal Ganglia. It would be farfetched to call Jacqueline’s actions uncontrollable, however, one cannot ignore how restless and fidgety she got during the first quarter of the show, almost to the extent that it seemed like she wanted some comfort from Siddharth Malhotra. Pretty excessive for a seemingly confident person, I would say.

3) Green Philosophy

You know when people say that weed brings out the philosopher in you? Jacqueline validates this statement and helps our case as well with the following quote. “No matter how tough times are and no matter how upset or sad or angry, I cannot inflict this on someone.” This isn’t a quote by Aristotle or Nietzsche. Jacqueline had this spurt of philosophical wisdom to share on the set, when asked how she managed to stay happy all the time. Well, her “Dalai lama” approach towards life maybe one way, amongst others, to keeping herself happy, and, we think we know one more.

4) Calm Cucumber

Countless studies have shown that marijuana relaxes one’s muscles and therefore make a person calmer, collected and more in tune with what’s going on around them.

Although restless and seemingly jittery during the early stages of the show, Jacqueline quickly grew into the show and was more than relaxed during the second half. Laid back and confident, she had a calm and relaxed body language that synced with her words and actions. Almost like there’s a certain rhythm and calmness to everything she says, like she was indulging in a dynamic meditative session with Karan Johar.

5) Unfiltered

Like mentioned earlier, her thoughts words and actions were in alignment. She did not shy away from saying what she felt, nor did she shy away from emoting her thoughts. Whether it was her frown when Siddharth was asked to move away from her to the other end of the couch, or the fact that she was open in answering all the personal questions thrown at her (including her confession to joining the “Mile-High” club) by Karan on the segment “Koffee Shots with Karan”.

She was unfiltered in her emotions on national television. A well-known actress, like Jacqueline had to require some kind of assistance to help shut off her filter, especially when she knows that she’s being watched by millions of people.

6) High on life

Her energy during the show, although not the Ranbir Singh kind of energy, was exhibited in abundance, and, we believe that “life” was not the only thing she was high on.

Contrary to popular belief, not all types of weed make you sleepy and unproductive. The two main types are, “Sativa” and “Indica”. Sativa dominant marijuana is known to boost energy creativity and focus, which may answer some, if not all questions about Jacqueline being stoned. Another question being, where does she source her greens from?

7) Baggy Eyes

This one’s a no- brainer. If you’re stoned enough, you will notice that she goes from Jacqueline to Jackie Chan at sporadic moments in the show.

What I mean is, her eyes looked puffy and smaller than usual during certain points of the show and everybody knows what the culprit is.

8) Voulez-vous M’eposer

One must have had to be stoned to say a word on national TV that sounds like a slang term for female genitalia.

In her defense, the term means “Would you marry me” in French. However, the fact that she chose those words knowing the outcome it would produce, tells us once again that she was unfiltered and out of her senses to be saying something like that.

9) Bright red Elvis

Marijuana is known to amplify stimulations in the brain with regards to colour. Bright colours have always been a good phenomenon for stoners to admire. Maybe that’s why Jacqueline wore the bright red dress to the sets of Koffe with Karan. Not to say that she doesn’t look dashing in the dress, but a little towards being a hippie, in my opinion.

10) It’s Koffee with Karan

With all the personal questions, and Karan Johar hunting for controversial gossip, don’t you have to be stoned to be on” Koffee with Karan” in the first place?

We love Jacqueline and the above points don’t prove with certainty that she was stoned, but it may appear that way to an imaginative mind, and it makes “Koffee with Karan” a little more enjoyable to watch. You can thank us later for making the show a little more entertaining.

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